How to Apply for Taxi License

Applying for a taxi license

Send the online application for TDVL* via LicenceOne. Application for a PLCV driving licence Possess a current B category or higher license and possess the driver's license without annotation for a full 12 months immediately prior to applying; have passed the SPVV Drivers Entrance Test, which serves to demonstrate good command of the SPV regulations, good practices in the sector, and good understanding of the selected area of operations; are deemed by An Garda Síochána to be eligible to possess SPVV driver's licenses after background checking with either municipal or federal law enforcement agencies, including any penalties that may be noted on your driver's license; are over 18 years of age.

Learn for the PLCV Driver Entry Test and if you are willing to complete both the Industry Knowledge Module and the Area Knowledge Module, please call the PLCV Information Line - 0761 064 000 - to conduct the PLCV Driver Entry Test (90 ) at one of 5 test sites across the UK at a suitable point in for you.

Receive a PLCV Skills Development Certificate; contact the PLCV Information Line - 0761 064 000 - to make payment for the 250 PLCV driving license charge. As a rule, the license is granted for five years. Please be aware that this charge is non-refundable: you should only make it if you are sure that you can meet all license requirements.

Send the PSV 15 request to the Lake Garda location in your area together with the PSV 15: NTA receipts for your license fees; your NTA provided PLCV Skills Development Certificates; a hard copy of your electronically generated fiscal release statement along with your fiscal authorities provided account number; your three photos; your default driver's license; information about any other profession you work in, your employer's name and location (if applicable) and, if that other profession includes motoring, proof that you have notified your employers of your intent to apply for a PLCV driver's license;

Confirmation in writing that you will not be driving a PLCV for more than 11 hrs for three successive nights; a statement that your medical condition will not significantly compromise your capacity to operate a PLCV and that you are not taking any medications or medications that may compromise your capacity to operate securely; any other document required by An Garda Síochána which may contain a Driver's Statement (available from NDLS) listing all penalties on your driver's license.

A Garda Síochána may request that your home is the same as your home in all the applications and this should be your present whereabouts. An Garda Síochána will handle your registration. It involves assessing you as a fit and proper individual to obtain a PLCV driving license (vetting). Any enquiries in connection with your job should be addressed to An Garda Síochána as PLCV driving license office.

An Garda Síochána will provide you with a PLCV driving license and notify the NTA if your request is accepted. Then we will provide you with the safe driving licences which you must carry with you at all time during your work as a PLCV-passenger.

When you have a PLCV driving license, you are eligible to ride one of the PLCV classes (Taxi, Hackney oder Limousine). Your car must be approved as a PLCV.

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