Taxi Batch Application

Batch Taxi Application

( Licensing /A to Z of Driving Licenses / Taxi Driving License / Associated Forms section). National Transport Authority Everyone who uses a public service vehicle such as a coach, car-rikshaw, taxi, etc. should obtain an identity card from the Transport Department. People with 6 month riding practice in light vehicles and 2 years riding practice in heavy vehicles can submit an application for the badge. Previous history of the applicant is checked by the police before the public service vehicle emblem is issued.

1 ) Who can request the Public Service Vehicle badge? a) The requester should have a current driver's licence. b) The requester should appear in person to take the test. 4) To whom should one refer? 5 ) Deadline for receiving a Badge?

Information and general requests for taxi licences

You can take the Oldstyle Knowledge Test and repeat the Test for a certain period of your stay if you have already reserved an date for the PAD. When you are interested in becoming a Stockport licenced rider, all the information you need is included in the rider application packages.

Available are three apps, the CART and PRE application, the EX application (for driver who need a license to operate business cars such as limousines) and the AP application.

Application for a taxi driver's identity card

You must do this to request a Hackney freight, a personal rental car or a double driving licence: If English is not your native tongue, you may also need to take a placement test. Once you have completed your application and paid the fees, you will be asked for an appointment where we will review your records and review your health records, your test of competency and a Disclosure and Barring Service Application (DBS).

We will also discuss the driver evaluation and safety trainings you need to do.

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