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See the world and make the journey of a lifetime with affordable round-the-world flights from the Flight Center. Five steps around the world from £999! Fiji Add-on for another £49, STA Travel offers exclusive worldwide air fares. Beltong to the Big Five. Search for cheap Round the World tickets starting at $1849!

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If you are willing to discover the world, a Round the World tariff provides an astonishing value and the versatility to pursue your dream. Air New Zealand's worldwide coverage and Star Alliance membership gives you more than 21,900 flights per day to 1,329 cities in 194 nationalities. With a Star Alliance Round the World Tariff you can go one way - eastwards or westwards, it's up to you.

More information on fares, a listing of the 28 Star Alliance carriers and a convenient guide and fly can be found on the Star Alliance website. If you are on a Star Alliance airline's FFP program, you can collect points and cash in rewards for everyone. Being a member of Airpoints will give you Airpoints Dollars and status points for every Star Alliance ticket you fly in a qualifying reservation category.

Once you have achieved Airpoints Gold or Elite designation, you will be eligible for Star Alliance Gold alerts and benefits on all Star Alliance carriers.

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Instead of purchasing separated flights from one location to another, a much more agile and sometimes less expensive form of travelling internationally is possible with Round the world (RTW) ticketing. An around-the-world flight is an airfare with which you can circumnavigate the world, usually over a one-year time frame and with three to twenty stops at different aerodromes.

Around the world, the price of one-way travel is usually much lower than the total price of one-way travel between stops. one-way fares usually exceed the price of roundtrip fares with full-service airlines and can be considered suspicious by officers of police or immigration. Usually these fares are a little more than a round the clock flight between opposite sides of the world (e.g. London and Sydney), but if you have two or more stops planned, you may find that a round the world flight is the best choice and at least gives you a chance to make a detour.

Travellers often travel all over the world planning their holiday with the help of a worldwide travel route. A much more time-consuming option is Round the world moreover. We have a number of ways to circumnavigate the world. An " genuine " around the world ticketing is made out as a stand alone ticketing and is subject to a variety of terms and condition.

Since no single carrier offers a truly comprehensive international air transportation experience, around the world ticketing is often associated with an air carrier network, allowing you to fly with any air carrier that is part of the group. Please be aware that the specialized agencies listed below can make reservations for these flights and make alternate offers. RTW offers of the largest coalition are available worldwide:

With 28 carriers serving over 192 nations and 1,316 destination points, this is the champ for a variety of destination and simple routeing. Where in the world can you go? Nearly everywhere: In additon to the common perpetrators, Star has a monopoly-like chokehold in some areas such as Micronesia and the South Pacific.

South- and Central America are now also included after the Brazilian TAM became a member of the Star Alliance on 13 May 2010. Panamas Copa Airlines and the multinational Avianca (with hub companies in El Salvador, Costa Rica and Peru) are expected to come on board at some point. There is a dark patch including Australian flights within Australia, although there are many flights to the main Australian towns.

All the world except.... Russia, Australia. Oneworld''s 15-member coalition provides two kinds of RTWs[1]: due to this air (or "segment") blanket, however, this tariff may be more limited than it initially appears. On the other side, routes that need greater traceability (i.e. from Europe to Africa) are more readily located here than in mile-centred tariffs.

Travellers can modify the data on their tickets at no surcharge. Whereas one world explorer is restricted to the full members of one world, there are several non one world airline alliances (including Aer Lingus, Fiji Airways, Alaska Airways and its subsidiary Horizon Air, Gulf Air and S7 Airlines). The Qantas codeshare flights performed by Air Tahiti Nui, Jetstar, South African Airways and Vietnam Airline can also be used) and can be used with Global Explorer.

Therefore, traveling to certain areas - e.g. many South Pacific Isles - is much simpler with Global Explorer than with Oneworld Explorer. Like Star Alliance mile-based XRTs, all XRTs count every mile, even those on the ground. Every interface will also consume one of the 16 valid ticketsegments. South America (including Galapagos and Easter Island), Caribbean, Easter Island, Europe, Middle East, East Asia, parts of the South Pacific (Global Explorer), Australia, India and Russia.

Intra-Africa, India, South Pacific (OneWorld Explorer). Skyscraper around the world,[2]. A third far away, since 2010 the company has experienced tremendous expansion and now unites almost 20 carriers. China's cover is unprecedented, with four carriers as members, and Aeroflot makes sure that Russia and Central Asia are well cover.

Now covering Southeast Asia and the Middle East, long a vulnerability, Vietnam Airlines now has both Saudia and the Lebanese Middle East Airlines. Odometer reading and regulations are similar to those of the Star Alliance RTW. South America, Europe, North America, Russia, Central Africa, China, East and West Asia. Great Escapade,[3] 29,000 mph, and unrestricted stopovers across the Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines and SilkAir networks - wide reach in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, but also elsewhere.

Number of stops within the kilometre limit is approximately 10, e.g. London - Delhi - Bangkok - Bali - Australia Stop - New Zealand Stop - Fiji or Rarotonga - Los Angeles - London. However, for some reasons, this ticketing will require that the journey be started either in London UK or Manchester UK, which is an effective barrier to US buyers using a route to the west.

Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic. It is similar to Great Escapade, but with better cover in Europe and poorer cover in Southeast Asia. Discover ticket. Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Fiji Airways, British Airways und die meisten Qantas Codeshare. It is probably the second largest RTW sale in the UK, permitting 29000 mileage and 6 stops.

It is much less expensive than the Global Explorer and the One World, with similar routes covering Africa and South America and starting at 765 plus taxes. Australia, Asia. Walkabout Plus Ticket. Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Fiji Airways, British Airways und die meisten Qantas Codeshare. It is the best-selling RTW in the UK, 29,000 mile and 7 stops - 4 of which may be in Australia, plus the turnsaround - on a range of routes using the combined Qantas and British Airways network.

Generally you are permitted 7 stops (of which up to 3 in Australia and 3 in New Zealand) and you must make a return journey via Australasia, approximately following the routes of the participating carriers. Australia, Asia, United Kingdom. No longer available ticket includes the Big Planet Tour and World Journey (Flying Dutchman). A RTW is offered by Air New Zealand which is only available on its own flights.

Singapor Airlines also has an RTW that only applies to its own flights, but travelers must find their own way between the east and west coasts of North America. The KLM Passport to the World range includes between 3 and 10 stations. The Virgin Round the World tickets avec Virgin Atlantic et Virgin Australia.

Probably the lowest net RTW rate outside the UK (from 639 plus tax), offering 4 stops plus extra for a surcharge. Stoppingovers on the Pacific Islands (Rarotonga, Tonga, Western Samoa) provided an extra £110 per stop on the outward voyage or 220 per stop on the way back.

Unusual, if you are paying an Australia rate, then you have the opportunity to travel to both Australia and New Zealand. However, if you only want to travel to Sydney, Australia, you can still travel to the two counties by paying the lower New Zealand rate. e.g. Qantas and British - also available on some codeshare flights, but generally very limited routing possibilities as it is essentially a round-trip from Europe to Sydney.

They can be less expensive than full alliances VTWs, but the route choices are very limited and you can only buy your ticket at certain places and not throughout the area. And if you want to make a long, round, circuitous route that can't be found all over the world, there are a number of interesting alternatives:

One World Circle Pacific,[6]. 22,000 to 29,000 nautical linear unit around the Pacific region, which include Asia, Oceania, North America and South America. The trips take place between towns in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe/Middle East. One World Circle Asia & South West Pacific,[8]. 13,000 to 17,000 leagues around Asia and Australasia. The Star Alliance Circle Pacific.

Enables you to move around the Pacific Rim for a combined distance of 22,000-26,000 mile. Great cover in Asia, but in North America you can only go to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu and Vancouver. The Circle Atlantic and Circle Pacific fare plans are also available from some single carriers such as United and Malaysia Airline.

When booking an outward and return international service with an Allianz carrier, you are entitled to passports that allow discounted flights on the target continents. The Sky Team offers passports[9] for Europe, America and Asia. The Star alliance has passports[10][formerly lost link] for Europe, North America, Brazil, Asia, Japan, the South Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.

The combination of one-way ticket with different airline companies makes it possible to arrange a circumnavigation of the world. It is more agile than limiting yourself to what an alliance has to offer, and if you get good rebates on some hop, your prices can be quite competetive. And the only way to do that - since it demands both know-how and contact - is to turn to a specialised international tour operator.

They are located in large towns that are points of passage - San Francisco, AirTreks London, STA Travel or Round-The-World flights. com or Travel Nation, Bangkok, etc. - and many of them also offer on-line travel related activities such as BootsnAll or Go Flying World Inc... In the Scandinavian and Dutch markets, KILROY-Reisen does this work.

Those agencies receive parts of your tickets from their contact in other jurisdictions or from internal contract. However, this can mean a great deal of savings for the airline companies, but at the expense of flexibility: diversions are usually not possible and missing lines are now your exclusive risk. Cheap carriers have long confined themselves to intra-regional flights through the narrow-body airline palette (true no-frills carriers practically always operate a unique kind of single-aisle aircraft), but changes in regulation and the growing number of newer twin-engine jets have opened the Atlantic routes to the no-frills mode.

The Keflavik airport in Iceland may be a good stopover on the trans-atlantic part of your trip, but a one-way ticket from Europe to North America is now available for about 200?. Whereas Africa, Asia, Europe and North America now all have a low cost carrier type, within Latin America they are still short and away on the transpacific lanes, so you'll be lucky to have a low rate or have to do more.

The terms and condition for ticketing around the world often include: Among these are aviation and ground sector. IATA' arguments were rather unclear, but they concerned the general adoption of e-tickets and the incapacity of air carriers to view passenger numbers in 16 different sector. As a rule, this corresponds to an unlimited round-trip airfare, i.e. 12 month after your date of travel.

Often a number of stops (including your homecoming) of at least three. Number of stops: five or more, dependent on fare. You travel only in one way (east or west), usually per continental area (i.e. you cannot travel across the Atlantic or Pacific more than once). The number of stops that are defined at the moment the tickets are purchased (date changes are usually permitted).

Any changes to the travel schedule (route guidance, stopovers) may necessitate the re-issue of ticket (s), usually at a price of $100-150 plus extra tax and possible refuelling charges. According to ticket regulations, in a few places with restricted flights it may even be possible to "travel through" several flights while you wait for the next one.

Probably the simplest and most thrilling way to schedule and make your travel around the world is with Star Alliance's unique Star Alliance Travel Booking Tool: A few ways to get the most out of your tickets are: If possible, use non-stop flights. The RTW prices depend on where you are issuing the tickets, so you can make significant cost reductions when departing from locations such as Bulgaria, Sri Lanka or Thailand.

For example, in April 2005, a Star Alliance RTW3 in First would have charged you $16,509 if you had bought in the UK, but only $7,929 (a 52% saving) if you had bought in Tonga. This means, for example, that you can buy a RTW start in Thailand in Canada and get the much lower Thai rate.

Obviously you have to travel to Thailand to get started with GTW, but the additional tickets you will need will probably be less than the price differential between GTW tariffs, in other words you will still be saving time. Yes, you are paying about twice as much for the fare - but usually 4-7 times more for Bus Division than Economic, so it's a comparison theft, and it makes it so much more bearable to sit around in airplanes.

They are not part of the RTW's basic expenses, but can run to as much as a few hundred US dollar, and some nations (e.g. much of Europe) are much more costly than others (e.g. much of Asia). It is a very coarse general principle for measuring expenses that a 29,000-mile pass for $3,000 is worth about $0.10 per Economy RTW miles (average).

Frequent flights to Spitsbergen, Easter Island or much of Oceania and Africa, for example, are terribly costly but practically free (only mileage required ) when using an RTW pass. Think about choosing non-alliance carriers for less frequented airways. They would be difficult to find, a good itinerary with most RTW passes, since neither Emirates nor Olympics take part in the big programmes, and would have to take a roundabout way via a Frankfurt hubs that stretches over 4000 mile (~$400).

Conversely, one-way flights with non-aligned carriers are only $196. Consider considering low-cost carriers for your returns. If you start in New York City and end in Los Angeles and then go back to New York with a cheaper, separate one-way fare (e.g. JetBlue, Southwest, ATA), you would get a few thousand free mileage.

When departing from Northern America, Air New Zealand (Star Alliance) offers flights from Los Angeles to Tahiti (Code Share), Cook Islands, Samoa/Tonga and Auckland. Star Alliance members in the USA/Canada choose to board and disembark via Samoa or Tahiti. They can also travel through Singapore (Star Alliance) to Johannesburg, but that is just a little bit northern of the Ecuador.

Passengers can also use a wide range of services, including an RTW, where the ticketing is provided by an air company. When you need to modify a route, it is best to first check with the airlines you will be travelling with, and if they can't help you, check with the exhibiting airlines. Once your tickets have been made out, you can usually modify the details of your flights free of charge (except for the first stage ), but a transfer to another destination requires a high reissuance charge ($125 for Star Alliance).

Dual major alerts - Never simply skipped a ride with an RTV or you will find that your next flights seats are cancelled without prior notification. Cathay Pacific is said to do so, regardless of whether the flights in the pipeline are for the one you forgot or for the one you book month in advance. Your booking will be confirmed in the next few weeks.

Leaving it and trying to confirm it immediately after you miss the plane, you have a very good shot of being put on a waiting queue because your places are already sold out. Call always to void the trip in anticipation, or call immediately to confirm all flights, whether or not airline companies request normal confirmation.

You have just been to Rio de Janeiro and are going on to Australia. Australia's Brazilian visitors are conscious of this, but someone else who travels around the world may never have ever known it. When you are traveling to some or all of the world' s destinations in the South, review the immunization needs of each prospective travel location in the world you wish to travel to and note any former travel ing destinations on your route.

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