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SriLankan Airlines, formerly known as Air Lanka, is the national airline of Sri Lanka based in Colombo. The Board of Directors of Sri Lankan Airline does not seem to have consciously or unconsciously followed the recommendations of the previous Air Lanka Commission. Timetables to Colombo airport In order to make an enquiry about an already booked accommodation, please fill in the following information and click on "Get now". Allows you to view your trip information, update a reservation with your miles, make or modify applications, and modify certain service options.

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A few thoughts on SriLankan Airlines

There has been much talk in the press for some considerable period about the loss-making domestic airline, and a commission has now been set up to examine and examine allegations of anomalies concerning Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lankan Catering and Mihin Airline. The Sri Lankan Airline Executive Committee does not seem to have consciously or unconsciously followed the recommendation of the former Air Lanka Commission.

Srilankan Airlines failed due to unpredictable political choices as normal and cronyism. Portrait of a series of SriLankan Airlines airplanes on the runway. Back then, Air Ceylon had the benefit of having first rate masters, most of whom were educated by overseas airlines to serve the plane that the domestic airline kept within security and flight performance levels.

In recent years, renowned airlines such as BOAC/UTA/KLM/QANTAS have provided equipment to train employees in important areas of the company that have supported Air Ceylon on its way forward. J.R. Jayewardene's choice to found Air Lanka at that point with the support of Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who founded the most successful South East Asian nation, was a smart and strategically sound move as Singapore Airlines made profits and provided qualified personnel and expertise to the recently established domestic airlines.

The introduction of Air Lanka, despite increasing operating expenses, was a further real milestone in the civil aeronautical heritage of this state. Until misconduct and abnormalities became known, leading to the appointment of a committee of inquiry by the President, the then President hardly intervened in the matters of the carrier.

President nominated Rakhita Wickamanayake as Chairman and Managing Director. While he was a leading skipper when Air Ceylon was disbanded to make way for Air Lanka in collaboration with Singapore Airlines, he was eventually forced to go on the advice of the investigative commission later nominated by the same president who carried out an investigation into the allegations of irregularity and iniquity.

A progress report was presented to the president after provisional inquiries and the executive committee was asked to step down. Violations by an experiential captain as a chairperson/MD could be many if that captain lacked expertise and hands-on practice in management, procedure, and other policies and practice. A little recognition is however due to the then Chairman/MD, who trains, disciplines and imparts the flight skills of the pilot and flight crews with his flight experiences, although he failed in administrational and other important areas.

SriLankan Airlines needs to revitalize service to customers in this area. Later, the carrier once again fell to the ground when Emirates was asked to go. In 1986, the Commission of Inquiry recommended that the two posts of Chairman and MD be kept separate, perhaps because it found that such a joint body could be catastrophic, as the results showed how authoritarian the former Chairman/MD had been.

The Commission's observations revealed how a leading master had violated incumbent regulations and practice without having been administratively aware, disregarding good decision-making practice that proved random and dictatorial. The suggestion was made that a senior limit officer could be envisaged for nomination as chairman or chief executive officer. Having an seasoned master as a member of the board may be useful, but not necessarily as chief executive officer or chairman.

This is because a Head of Operations is always a Seniors Commander, who can be contacted by the Board if necessary. Either a Chief Executive Officer or a Chairman should be a qualified individual acquainted with the areas of flight operations and processes that are of relevance. He recalls how Air Ceylon was voted "the safest carrier in the world", of course a nation proud, although some reports of finance and other topics were made.

Regrettably, the inappropriate involvement of pertinent policymakers in the civil services and other similar government bodies since the adoption of the 1972 Constitution has led to poverty in many areas of the state. A carrier will be a nation's proud of a land if it is well-run.

SriLankan Airlines' loss reporting in the billion range is certainly due to many reasons. Clearly, so-called "businessmen" have so far been failing in this operation mode of an air carrier because it is simply the case that a winning executive can be out of place in any other operation in the affairs of an air carrier, especially in the case of policy intrusion.

The board should have a free rein to present results without undue disruption. Those nominated to a board of directors must be acquainted with the regulations and processes, otherwise they must be a sound, common-sense individual who consults the competent authority and acts reasonably. In spite of the freedoms granted to the Board by the Minister under the current administration, the Board has still not managed and presumably abused the airlines without paying much attention to strategy restructuring/turnaround managment to take action to reduce costs at the right moment.

Important rulings should be made with the consent of the Management Board, and such rulings must be made in the best interest of the carrier. Management must be able to provide the right ratio of skill, expertise and astuteness in all affairs. Lessons learned from the past include keeping the carrier away from policy interferences once a board of competent and skilled individuals has been made.

Provided that the airlines' governance remains in the capable hands in the absence of inappropriate policy intervention enabling an appropriate size to be achieved, the airlines would start to make a profit by generating revenues. In order to improve and sustain the reputation of each carrier, the skills of its pilot, flight crew, technical skills in the servicing of its aeroplanes, due observance of security levels and ensuring that it operates competitively and successfully commercially with a viable renewal policy should be in place.

The maintenance of uninterrupted, punctual service in accordance with timetables, polite and kind customer service and top class caterers will not only draw customers, but will also allow the carrier to fly in the colors the nation can be proud of. Cancelations, detours and lags due to changes in direction or the use of flights by VIPs should not be permitted, as in the past, which led to severe casualties and lost customers to other airlines, resulting in lost revenues.

Sponsorship, whether personally or politically, in the appointment to senior positions (with the exception of personnel and a few important individuals), which continue to disregard the competent and skilled professional personnel, will further devastate the nation as a whole. The misuse of government money becomes an important topic when a chairperson without any integrity is nominated, in particular from a politically oriented background.

Also the Weliamuna report is said to have found mistakes in the former chairman and some senior civil servants of the former administration who favoured him in negative rulings that drove the airline's debts to ruin and led to bankruptcy. Even the reappointed board of the "Yahapalana government", under which some of the people found guilty by the Weliamuna Commission were sponsored without an investigation being conducted, was alleged to have been made.

There is no need to appoint investigative commissions if the Board of Directors and the Executive Board comply with the necessary auditing requirements and comply with the necessary fiscal and administration processes at the right point in tim.

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