Custom Jet Interiors

Individual jet interiors

Our company designs tailor-made interiors for private jets, including corporate, VIP/VVIP and state aircraft. Influencede Victoria Chi et VICA Accessoires en cuir exotique sur mesure. Naturally, adaptation has its price. At AMT Interiors we specialise in the interior design of corporate and private luxury aircraft. AMT brings luxury to new heights - from customer-specific cabinets to complete interiors.


We have the expertise and competence to provide you with spare parts made of plastics and composites, rugs and seat furniture for your aircraft in our manufacturing facility. In addition, our off-the-shelf manufacturing facility has the ability to create prototypes of custom form designs for your female chopper design projects. Samples and tools for all interiors: rugs, cushions, net coverings and inner linings for all MD 500 model range aircraft, "C", "D", "E", "F", "FF", "N" & 600.

There are also tools for MDHC 500 seats.

Interior fittings for aircrafts | Individual interior fittings for aircrafts

Bringing convenience and luxuries to new levels. Specialized in luxurious interiors for companies and individuals. Our products are manufactured with great attention to detail and accuracy. Every single item of our furnishings is checked for accuracy by our detailed engineers on its way through our premises. So you can be sure that every single item meets and exceeds your needs and aspirations.

Fully featured to enable real customisation for all our custom airframe product and upgrades. The wishes and ideas of our customers are incorporated into every piece of jewellery that comes out of our house. Dismantling, refinement/reworking and installing your airplane furnishings is carried out by our highly skilled engineers. Also we offer the transport of your individually manufactured airplane cabinets to and from our factory.

Using the latest and most sophisticated technologies available for the manufacture of custom airplane seating. You can be sure that you are getting the best furnishings for your airplane, from custom cabinets to full interiors. Savannah, Macon and Augusta as well as the main roads 16 and 95 are within easy reach.

Our national and international flights also help our clients to complete their airplanes. We have been manufacturing new enclosures and providing modernization solutions for many major airframe manufacturers around the globe since 1999. The most important thing is that all our equipment complies with Federal Aviation rules and practices. Our team is prepared to help you with all your requirements in the field of airplane interiors.

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