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The Pacific Coast Jet, Hayward, CA. The Pacific Coast Jet manages and operates private jets based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for PACIFIC COAST JET CHARTER, INC. Die neuesten Tweets vom Pacific Coast Jet (@PacificCoastJet).

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Founded in early 2006 in North California, Pacific Coast Jet LLC aims to make jet transport accessible to executive, corporate and individual customers who have not yet been able to afford the cost of this comfort. Founder of Pacific Coast Jet, an accomplished commercial jet operator and a prolific businessman, Pacific Coast Jet is a lifetime enthusiast who has followed the design and engineering of the new Very Light Jet family.

The East Bay Business Journal.

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Featuring a 5.7 foot high passenger compartment, the XLS keeps nine people in a calm and luxurious cab. Features such as folding desks, adjustable head restraints and two to four centimetres wide seating than its predecessors make flight more convenient. Redirect Illumination LEDs are mounted to give the cab a more spacious, naturally designed feeling, and offer the advantages of generating less warmth and extending life.

The jet can ascend to its 43,000-foot altitude in just 25 min and cross at 430KT. With four occupants, the XLS can achieve a cruising distance of 1,900 mph.

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