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At Jet Airways, a pilot who was fighting in the air is fired, leaving the dashboard unsupervised. Finally, Jet Airways has resolved to end the service of two staff members who, on New Year's Day, were caught up in a fierce battle in which the manly co-pilot supposedly beat his captain and later abandoned the dashboard entirely without supervision. "After reviewing the incidents...

Jet Airways has discontinued the service of both dashboard crews with immediate effect," the carrier said in a declaration received from AFP.

After a 9-hour flight from London to Mumbai, Jet Airways grounded the two fighters on January 1 after an accident on a 9-hour journey from London to Mumbai. During the conflict, which took place just after take-off, the man ly co-pilot was said to have beaten the plane's commandant, causing her to cry out in the Boeing 777 cabin, according to The Times of India source.

While still in the dashboard, the man co-pilot shouted at the commandant via the voice unit to get back to the control systems. The Associated Press noted that when she didn't, the co-pilot broke flight security regulations and left the flight deck itself - so no one stayed at the wheel - to force her to comeback.

According to reports, the lady came back to the dashboard with the co-pilot, only to get out a little later. On this occasion, the aircraft crews were "quite afraid" of what was going on between the two commanders-in-chief, as were the passenger cabins, according toources. Finally, the aircrew lured the lady back to captain's place, and the aircraft arrived in Mumbai safe shortly after January 2 at midnight: "At Jet Airways, the security of our customers, our crews and our property is of the utmost importance, and the company does not tolerate any actions by its staff that compromise safety," the company told The Times of India in an early declaration.

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