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900 (739) V1 To be honest, there is no difference between Regular Economics and Premier Economics because Agent Auto is a Premier Economics member. And if you want added convenience, you can also buy a quality fit. This is a beautiful and big snug fit, there is an extensible headrest, but mine wouldn't be up.

Legroom is pretty good, but could be better, since a large metallic case occupies part of the available room under the chair and is exactly where I wanted to place my legs. Because of the construction of the carriers, it had almost twice the room as the windows and a bigger section (similar to the overall area under the window) and a much smaller section directly on the corridor that could easily slip into a small pocket.

There may be no windows, but if you want to go to bed, this is the place to be because there is no windows to drop into. There were two trips (BWI-SAN and SAN-BWI) where this chair did not lean back at all, which is particularly irritating for an over night one. It'?s not a poor first-class fit otherwise.

Restricted visibility from the windows due to the aircraft wings, but unexpectedly less jet noises than in series 20. LAX to Seattle plane. Alaska Airlines and was very amazed by the available freedom of movement. Although, as was to be hoped, low-cost and airline places were generally scarce, this was offset by room for the legs.

Definitely gonna be flying Alaska for the long distance again. And I don't get the commentary that says first grade is tight. I am 6'5 years old and the man in front of me could have moved all the way back and I would still have had room to put my feet across. Also the line that forms around the premium bathrooms is no longer a theme, as there is a lighting above the corridor that indicates whether the bathrooms are being used.

All in all it was a great adventure and I can hardly await to be able to fly again first rate on Alaska! Starting in 26C (aisle), I landed in 26A (window) to help a travel companion. There was more legroom, my legs could extend, my rucksack fitted under the front of me, and my safety belt seemed to be longer than that on the 26C.

Admittedly, the seating in this aircraft was by far not as comfy as the American Airlines seating on the normal American Airlines ride, but I was satisfied with it. What a pity to take this place! There is not only no windows, but the freedom of elbows is also reduced because the fountain is not there.

Watch out for this chair when you're over 175 pounds. Thinner than the 17" shown, the chair is undesirable despite the additional leg room. Pretty cushy fit with unexpectedly discreet tilt. Were this config and Alaska flying again - great facilities too! There is a lot of leg room in this series. The 6-11 series are now in the 'Premium Class'.

Includes 4 inch additional leg room, early entry and free beverages as well as a small lunch stall during the ride. Windows in First have a very badly placed device case. Opponents seem to be able to provide seating performance without entering the pedestrian zone of the premier category! The 5-hour evening meal was lean: a few ravioli vegetarians on a small platter and a plain lettuce.

Twelve Alaska Airlines 737-900 has no windows. This seems to be caused by the car bodyshell reinforcements and the seating arrangement. Strangely enough, adjoining 12F is a small door. Turning the first 6 lines of the Economics into Luxury Seating, they moved the seating back to give 6 inch more legroom. This will reduce the area around your back as your backs now bump against the backs of the windows in between.

If you travel with pets in the cabins, select the windows place, by far the broadest point. Slim under the gear underneath. There is an electronic unit under the centre saddle. Now Alaska Airlines is bringing passengers as an "upgrade" to Premium Seating. "I had been allocated a windows starting point, and without my consent it was relocated to 10 C. It is a small corridor with very little space in a line without windows - a demotion instead of an upgrading!

Well, at least I wasn't the dude next to me - he was "upgraded" to the center chair. Look out for the Alaska Airlines upgrade - it will take your perfect good place with you and give you a horrible place. First, I'm an Alaska freak, I like the airlines. and it was inferior to the normal bus.

Dude in the center was big, and he's got the whole second one. Five hours on the plane. The new Recaro seating configuration makes aviation very unpleasant and aching. When you are over 6 feet in height, you will only be slightly more relaxed than when you fly Frontier (if you can call it comfort).

Since I am 6'3" in size, there is almost no leg room and I hardly have a decision about my size. Alaska seems to have become a commoditized bearer in the USA and the convenience of its consumers is on the ground. Worst seat of any line, looks like Alaska joins the livestock call of pushing more chairs in the planes..Alaska I do understand is beginning to loose its loyal following because of sitting..Service is still great, checked in a breeze und nutrition better than most airlines..Alaska, pls are listening to your buyers, we don't like your new seat.

On an August trip from Seattle to Portland I found out that I could see the wing in my photos that I had to sit forward all the way. I still got a good leg room. The 19F is very small, like all chairs in this area. He had a big passanger in the middle chair and he "flew over" to my chair and the windows.

A very unpleasant ride. Not a backrest movie and not a pillow in these very tight fits. EVERY "A" and "F" seating in the Alaska First Class cab has the metallic speaker that blocks half the entrance to the room below. There'?s no windows in this chair! l applied for a Fensterplatz, but l didn't get a Fenster.

4F has an obstacle at the point where you should place your pocket behind 4F, reducing your legroom. Under the front part of the First Class there is a metallic case on the ground which limits the amount of room for your legs by one third in comparison to other First Class sits.

Alaska 737 First Grade Sitting Leg Freedom is the poorest in the business. I flew first-class with four different airlines in 2016. One of the closest airlines is Alaska First Classic. The Premium Coach on most airlines offers more leg room than Alaska First. They are the hardest I' ve ever seen in my 40 years of flight experience.

Mr President, I concur with the previous observation that the Alaska Airlines senior staff should be compelled to use this office in their office. The first 30 mins of my 5 hours 16 mins ride I was in a lot of ache. On a night flying I got no sleeping and later limped around with a poor back three times.

It' all right for a 2.5-hour ride. It' not very convenient, but it's convenient enough. Well, you can see the motor out the windows, if that's your thing. All in all, I liked the ride. There was a powerful blow of cool breeze that hit the passenger's heads and shoulder.

Accompanying person said that the headquarters is "significantly" cooler than the other offices in Vienna International Airport City. There was an unbelievably awkward fit throughout the entire ride. Long-standing faithful flyers from Alaska airlines - the new seating is intolerable - not enough cushioning for an ordinary grown-up (might work if you have a larger bottom with more private cushioning) Unfortunately, forcing me to another airline for more than an hours is enough - suggest that all executive officers and directors use the seating for their desk chairs as they have clearly not done any tests of users....

Completely accept that the windows have the best freedom of movement for feet and legs. I' m 6' 230 pounds and didn't find the slim fits depressing. Actually, with adequate freedom of movement and a moderate inclination, I found enough position to fall asleep for most of the 5 hours 20 minutes. I' d evade gang fits from tier 28 back on these longer flies as folks line up all the time for the economic pots.

The Recaro fits are particularly awkward because the fit is too small (from front to back) to correctly hold the upper legs of an ordinary people. I have always noticed in the past that Alaska's chairs are comfy, but these new ones are horrible. I' m never going to volunteer this plane for first class again.

Blocking another seat line made it only light, but only light, better than a bus traveling by plane. Alaska Virgin America after the fusion, I trust! They have a reasonable legroom (I am 6'1") and they are just broad enough for someone of my height (250 lbs). I was deaf and virtually paralysed after a 4-1/2 hours transcontinental was a fight to get up.

So the only plus was that my knuckles had freedom of movement and I could extend my leg under the front bench. Please be aware that when you are sitting in the hallway or in the centre, the lowest seating position has slightly less width for your foot due to an electronic compartment underneath which is placed alongside the armrest.

It' not valuable to get this one. There'?s a little more leg room, I guess, but not much. Drapery doesn't disturb leg room. As the front seating is first-rate ( two to one line ), there is no centre pocket next to you for space six e, so they put their things right in front of you.

Besides, who usually buys upgraded seating? That' right, fatsoes and big guys getting run over to your chair. While you can have all the leg room in the whole wide open air, it doesn't matter if someone's tummy tingle gets into your home via the armrests. It'?s not upgradeable.

Although this chair has good legroom in the lengthwise direction, the aircraft's curve restricts the legroom from one side to the other. It is too low for a big one ( I am 6'4") to be able to sit in it, which makes better seating for two people. It'?s not very low. I' m 6-3 and the fit ended at the middle of my femur.

It'?s not comfy. Even the armrest is half the big, not very comfy. Poorest long-haul airfields I've seen in years. Small fits (I am the mean size/weight for a man). These new pillows were very unpleasant. Sitting bag not even big enough for a Bose Case. Not only is this a poor fit, it is perhaps the poorest seat/row on an air carrier and an aircraft.

Located just in front of the only toilet for the economics area, for a 2 hour or longer trip there will be a continuous line of persons next to the line, with the associated smells and noises of the toilet. Living in Alaska, I am constantly flying long-haul flights to the eastern coasts, Mexico and Hawaii.

Neither of the new seating is comfy. Weighing less than 110 pounds, the chairs are so badly upholstered that my ass is raw after an entire session or so. Small mesh bag in the backrest keeps very little. Maybe it's okay for a two-hour ride, but that's not what real Alascans do - just getting to Seattle will take at least four hrs from getting on to getting off.

Don't worry about our places. I am 6'1" 200 and was sitting on the windows seating positions 3A and 4F. Yes, the legroom directly in front of the chair is a bit small, but the room under the middle of the front chairs offers a lot of room. Always getting a thrill from complainants crying with the first grade toilet about business "people".

DAS you right that someone who needs to ease himself cannot, because there are 16 humans who need a toilet every moment of a 5-hour-trip? There is no obstruction to the freedom of movement of the legs due to the curtain partition, and this chair actually has additional freedom of movement of the legs. It had astonishingly good freedom of movement (I am 6'3").

At the end of the ride, however, the pipe to the bath is stacked around your chair. Therefore, be ready that in the last 30 min before you land there are about 4 or 5 persons next to your seats. And I liked Sitz a lot because I was flying in this airplane for 6h from Tampa.

Servicing was fast and pleasant, and I liked the new look of the seating. The majority of commentaries seem to revolve around first-class quality. I was on two different windows chairs in Economie and with the newly designed seating arrangement I was very satisfied with the leg room in comparison to the 737 models of some other airlines.

I' m 6'2" and yes, my knuckles moved the front of my chair, but by slipping a little forward in my chair I could almost extend my feet (toes that touch the front of the chair's front side horizontally). It is also noteworthy that due to the texture the windows have part of the floor space under the central front one.

Intermediate and gangway seating has bad space from right to left. Good for the feet. Thought the premium fit on this plane was very convenient - maybe because it was a mid tier one. There' s not as much legroom as before and of course the man in front of me was completely leaning back the whole 6 hour journey, but even with that I was quite satisfied with this sitting and the services on Alaska.

It was very convenient for a long journey (5.5 hours). Well, I haven't found a cushy place yet. It seems that the central position in most ranks has the greatest freedom of movement (oh joy!). What about the comfort chairs? With 6'5" the freedom of movement on my Chicago plane was one of the worse in years.

I had my legs aligned with the chair position six f before the individual tried to lean. I' m new in Seattle and new in Alaska. I will be MVP in the spring, but I could change to an air carrier that will offer more seating with better leg room. Even first class leg room sucks from what I see here.

Alaska' s local plane that American Eagle hired me on had much better leg room than I had on one of the many Alaska trips I've made in recent years. However, there is a serious issue with any gear shift saddle, the texture under the saddle in front of you makes it practically unfeasible to even store a small pocket.

My wheeled Briefcase had to be placed in the top containers, although it also fitted under the saddle on a smaller aircraft. The Alaska allows anyone to use the front toilet, so you have to work. Although there is room under the first-class seating without the front end without the front end, the braces for the first-class seating AND the electronic unit situated under the seating position 2A significantly reduce the available legroom.

Central seating is the only place in the line with plenty of legroom. Placing the journal rack to the right of the seating along the walls also impairs legroom. I' m more comfortable with local planes. They can also place your small hand luggage under the premium fit in front of you so that you can get to your laptop etc without having to get out of your fit.

Think about behaving nicely with your fellow passengers and sharing this room. There is no obstruction to the legroom with the blind splitter, it is only a fourth of the way down the front part. I' ve been a member of Alaska Airlines since 1986. Last night's first grade ride in an airplane with the new cabin was definitely the most terrible ever with Alaska.

While the new seating is designed to increase cabin space, it also significantly reduces leg room. If the position of the bag was shifted downwards when the subject leaned back in front of me, I could hardly reach for objects under the chair in front of me. Couldn't extend my feet without being pressed against the front seating steel.

Very unpleasant, first-class trip from LAX to ANC. Servicing was good, but the fit was terrible. Magnificent aircraft, you have the feeling that you have more space and the seating is very comfy. There was almost no backrest in my chair, my legs were in touch with the door and it was a very long and awkward one.

Worst first-class chair I've ever seen. 1 st-class lav was always filled by economic travellers. It'?s an air carrier heading in the wrong directions. Flying in first grade, I felt really uneasy with the corner of the chair, even in the backrest stance. Since there is no 1. grade cabin, business staff used the first grade front washroom, which makes it difficult to get in before land.

It seemed to have much less freedom of movement than the old one. Alaska Airlines' new aircraft have an extra 9 seat clamp and you can't open a notebook because the legs are less free. Those new seatings are great. Excellent ride. Most of the new chairs are slim, very solid and have a restricted backrest.

These are not as convenient as older seating for longer journeys.

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