Where can I Rent a Helicopter

How can I rent a helicopter?

Requirements for the rental of helicopters (solo) Private evaluation:. heli renting Our company offers full charter of aircrafts and choppers at reasonable price. All our fleets are in perfect conditions, planes and choppers are regularly maintained. You can rent aeroplanes only or with a certified pilots. Which helicopter do you need for a helicopter rent?

You' ll need a current pilot's license and a retraining for that guy.

You must conclude a rental agreement before letting. In case you do not have a pilot's license, we will gladly rent you a helicopter with our highly skilled driver.

DC's Washington DC Helicopter Training Resource

Here we will provide all our helicopter operations inclusive training, hire and charters. Our courses range from tuition on aircraft ratings to the Rotorcraft Airline Transport Certificate. Robinson operates a wide range of Robinson and Bell aircraft, among them the Long Ranger R22, R44 and 206L-3. Plan a demo flight today!

Practical trial lesson with a certified instructor! As well as flying education, we have planes for hire to skilled drivers, progressive simulator facilities and a complete cockpit-store. Our Part 61 and FAA -certified Part 141 programs are designed to fulfill all your requirements for commercial piloting and education.

As a helicopter driver in the Washington DC area, please call us for all your flying education and airplane rentals. Employees take you on a trip that exceeds your objectives and aspirations with the most safe and progressive workout technologies available.

All of your pilots can be helped with all of your ratings: Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII & ATP. Call us to plan a demonstration today! Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue Squad's (VASARS) missions are to help recover missing or needy individuals, help localize and arrest suspicious criminals and refugees, and localize missing Alzheimer's disease victims or child autistics at the behest of a community, state, or state authority that needs "eyes in the air.

The VASARS provides these agents with qualified and certificated crew at no extra charge to the tax payer. The VASARS will help in all operations where a civilian could be in jeopardy or a need for prosecution calls for a helicopter to help from the air. We have a qualified and experienced staff of pilot seekers, air ambulance drivers and air traffic controllers who voluntarily fly to help us safe life.

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