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The YELLOW CAB TAXI is the taxi company you can contact. Taxi taxi quote, costs & tariffs How high are the taxi fares in your town? Appreciate your taxi rate anywhere and at any time. All our estimations are meticulously adjusted on the basis of local taxi fares and real taxi fares. With Rideshare support now (like Uber and Lyft!

) - How much does Uber charge? How high are Lyft's fees and conditions?

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Taxiicabs and transport network companies (TNCs), such as Uber and Lyft, are important complementary and safety features for those who use carpools, bicycles, walks or mass transit. Über and Lyft are just two example transport network companies (TNCs) that use smartphone applications to link passenger to driver of private, non-commercial cars.

Below are Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland taxi cab operators and airlines specializing in airside services. MyTaxi provides a smart-phone application for booking and paying for a taxi. The RideGuru computes the estimate of the taxi tariff and compared estimations for taxi and TNC firms such as Uber and Lyft.

Taxibetrieb FareFinder.com is a free taxi fare calculation tool that calculates the time, distances and approximate prices for taxi trips. The telephone numbers of the taxi businesses are given below. TLDD numbers for people who are impaired or unable to hear are provided for the businesses that have them. In order to call other numbers, the free of charge TLD is available via these relays:

Virginia: The TDD is available through Virginia Relay. Call 711 to make a Virginia Relay call. TDD Services are available through the D.C. Government in Washington, DC. Information about para-transit and taxis available for elderly and disabled people can be found on the para-transit page. Cabins suitable for wheelchairs with 3 hours notice possible.

Taxis suitable for wheelchairs are available by appointment. Arlington Red Top, Blue Top and Yellow Cab seniors and handicapped passengers can enjoy a 10% discount on their fares by buying specific travel pass bookings at CommuterDirect.com or via CommuterDirect.com. Supersenior Taxi Brochure: Inhabitants of Arlington County who are 70 years of age or over can reduce their taxi fares by 50% by buying tickets brochures that can be used for Arlington Red Top, Blue Top or Yellow Cab.

Any complaint about a taxi business in Arlington County should be addressed to the Arlington County Hack Inspector at 703-228-4255. For more information on Arlington County taxi cab services and regulations, please see the Arlington County tax cab regulations page. Taxi Voucher Program offers reduced taxi fare for qualifying Fairfax County and Fairfax City citizens.

Any question or complaint about a taxi operator in Fairfax County should be addressed to the Fairfax County Department of Cable and Consumer Services, Regulation and Licensing Branch, 703-324-5932, TDD: 711. More than 150 taxi operators are DC Department of For-Hire Vehicles registrated and referenced here. Any question or complaint about a DC taxi business should be addressed to the DC Taxi Cab Commission.

The DC Pedicab is a one of a kind taxi company that offers open airport tours through the town. Taxis in Montgomery County are controlled by the Department of Public Works and Transportation and are operated to specified industry standard 24 hour a day, 7 weekdays, 365 days a year. MONGOMERY COUNTY grants licences for wheelchair-accessible cars that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

No surcharge will be levied for a barrier-free taxi. Taxis should be applied for in beforehand. Any question or complaint about a Montgomery County taxi operator should be addressed to the Montgomery County taxi operator. The taxi is available in Prince George's County and is offered by several licenced taxi companies. Prince George's County's main dispatch center is Taxi Taxi, 301-577-2000.

As well as the regular taxi operations of the above mentioned carriers, the Washington D.C. Greater Area Airport will be served by these specialised transport services: Haus-zu-Haus carpooling. Handicapped access cars are available on demand. Taxis to and from Washington Dulles International Airport.

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