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Airport Taxi Nantucket

There are taxis available at Nantucket Memorial Airport, Straight Wharf and Steamboat Wharf. Note that not all island taxi companies accept credit cards. The ACK is an end point for the route THE WAVE, Airport of the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority. There are taxis available at Nantucket Memorial Airport, Straight Wharf and Steamboat Wharf. The Nantucket Memorial ACK Airport Shuttle.


PORT ZONE: $12.00 for one (1) passanger or to exit the airport line. This is the price from either the starting point of the ticket price or the place of the ticket price determination, whichever is the higher. TARIFFS FOR CROSSING THE ISLAND: PACKAGES: Two (2) PACKAGES per capita are covered by the above rates; an extra fee of $.50 per PACKAGE over and above two (2).

Queue Time: A queue can be calculated at the price of $45.00 per minute or $75 per min of the real queue wait, starting three (3) min after the taxi's announcement of the taxi's departure. ACCORDING 1:00 am to 3:00 am: Include $2.00 for In-Town or $4.00 for all other rates.

ACCORDING 3:00 am to 5:00 am: $5.00 to all taxi rates. This rate is for one (1) person only; extra passengers are billed at $1.00 each.

Floor transport | Nantucket, MA

The ACK is attended by a number of registered, polite and experienced taxi drivers. Note that not all island taxi businesses are accepting debit card. Orders on carpooling and other carpooling are still outstanding as the recent Baker bill is still outstanding. The taxi rates are determined by the Select Board.

The ACK is an end point for the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority's THE WAVE itinerary. It runs every 20 mins between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from mid-June to Thursday, the day of work. ACK is connected to the city centre and other roads on the road via CNTA. There are three car hire firms operating from the airport terminal.

Hire desks are situated next to the Crosswinds restaurants, at the southern end of the terminals, and include: Cranberry Transportation Services is currently the only Airport Livree Services licenced for large companies involved in charters or specials.

The Nantucket Memorial Airport - Nantucket Airport (ACK)

On the way from the airport to the airport we ensure a fast response. The Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) is a publicly accessible airport on the southern side of Nantucket in Massachusetts. Nantucket airport is situated three nautical miles east of the city and is the property of the city of Nantucket. It' s the second best airport in the state after Logan International Airport.

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While you could leave your vehicle at the airport, you will still pay out of your bag and have to travel a long way to the airport while you carry your baggage.

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