Rc Jet Airplanes

The Rc Jet Aircraft

RC jet aircraft (radio-controlled jets) RC jet engines driven by electrically driven ventilators (EDFs) offer thrilling power and stunning dimensional accuracy. Due to their large dimensions, these detailled airplanes need a wider flight area, with some model airplanes achieving velocities of over 110 ft! Bigger RC-EDFs need more air space and greater range for take-offs and landings, favour smoother surfaces and are specially engineered for medium to experienced passengers.

Aeroplanes are very agile in everyday flight, and our radio-controlled electrical planes, driven by electrically driven ventilators, can also be a flying sensation! We are constantly adding new planes to our range of EDF jet models such as the Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II Super Scale Twin 80mm EDF Jet (PNP) and Avanti S 80mm EDF Ultimate Sport Jet (PNP).

A number of our top-class elite design DFs feature a variety of characteristics such as composite fibre reinforcement, polyamide hinge, EPO expanded plastic design for greater shock strength, metallic transmission servo digitals, and some even use a double 360-degree vector shift that enables progressive moves, among other characteristics and component parts. Optimised to offer as lifelike and accurate a flight as possible at their cost, everything from the DayBright LEDs to sequential landing gear flaps contributes to the feeling of controlling a true jet.

RC EDF jet offers different level of controls and speeds, with certain planes reaching more than 110mph! It is the challenging task of fly these planes that makes them so beloved. These fast and highly manoeuvrable RC EDF jet airplanes are at danger of being damaged like any other RC airplane. When your lighting or retractors don't work as they should, or you need a new lift or grand piano after an accident, our wide range of parts will keep you on your toes for years to come.

We have the best customer support in the industry and are very proud to offer such powerful and thrilling RC EDF jet planes for medium and experienced passengers. In general, the bigger the EEF's diametre, the more progress the plane has made. You can use the filters panel on the far right to limit your results, or rummage through a radio-controlled jet below.

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