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private jet flights. Fast, efficient, luxury private jet and helicopter charter in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and serving the world. I want you to charter a private jet to Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver Business Jet Services private jet charter to and from Vancouver worldwide with luxury aircraft.

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Windspeed: Wind direction: Vancouver is the third biggest Canadian Metropolis region encircled by breathtaking scenic scenery. Vancouver is located between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is best known for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Often considered one of the best places to spend your life, it is certainly a great place to be.

If you' re travelling to Vancouver, you should check out some of the many famous attractions such as Robson Square, the Museum of Vancouver, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver Opera, the Rogers Arena, Science World British Columbia and BC Place.

Vancouver, BC Canada Private Jet Charter

Call today for a luxurious charters to Hollywood North, home of Port Metro Vancouver, the Vancouver International Fringe Festival and North America's third biggest movie theater. Our charters agent will help you determine your needs and suggest the best option for your next outing. Vancouver region has a few different airport types to meet your travelling needs.

The Vancouver International Airport (YVR, CYVR) is situated about 7 nautical miles south-west of the inner town. The Vancouver Harbour Water Aerodrome (CXH, CYHC) - is only 3.5 kilometers away. Los Angeles to Vancouver Jet Charter - Travel from Hollywood to Hollywood in a few short flying minutes, all on your own time.

New York to Vancouver private jet - business travel, home vacation and everything in between are possible with a short announcement on a New York to Vancouver chartership. Vancouver to Vancouver Private Aircraft - Fly directly from the runways to the capital on a Vancouver to Vancouver private plane.

One of our most beloved itineraries links two towns on the Bay with a wide array of planes to suit your needs. What does it take to hire a private jet to Vancouver? Costs for chartering a private jet can vary greatly depending on flying hours and plane types.

For example, renting a private jet from San Francisco to Vancouver costs $7,500 or more in a lightweight jet. Below are some guide rates for private jet charters to/from Vancouver that we would like to provide to our clients: The above rates are indicative only; the rates for a particular journey differ and cannot be guarantee for a particular airline.

Following hours rate represents a bandwidth of fares for most aircrafts within each main group. The precise fares for certain aeroplanes within each cabin are different: Notice that these per hour charges are airfare only and do not cover tax, crews, airports and other related costs. We have a large pool of planes in almost every town in the nation with a total capacity of thousand planes in the area.

Stock may vary by the days, but here is a general listing of planes available for Vancouver private jet charter: Must we clear duty on a scheduled air service from Portland to Vancouver? Frequently, custom officers can go on your plane and clear your boarding pass while you are sitting in the comfort of your own cubicle.

In Oregon and Washington, do you have small airplanes that can go to Vancouver? From four-seater mono-engined aeroplanes to roomy 9-passenger turbo-prop aeroplanes, we have a variety of aeroplanes available throughout the Pacific Northwest. Are you offering a private jet in Canada that only stops in Canadians?

We have a worldwide airline system and operate international flights on all continents as long as our security requirements are met. Choosing which plane should I use for my Vancouver cruise? Vancouver Surroundings is able to accommodate all kinds and heights of private jet. Choosing an airplane should be based on the distances you travel, the number of people travelling, the amount of luggage you bring, your personal budgets and your preferred travel options.

In the following chart the mean range (in legal mileage and flying hours) for all important aircrafts and their mean luggage compartment feet is shown: Notice that the above figures are mean over a range of aircrafts; certain range and luggage spaces may be outside these estimations in certain cases.

Vancouver's schedule of shows and theatres knows no boundaries as such a venue for the movie world. Vancouver has a lot to boast if you want to go outside and do sport and relaxation. Ranging from charters and eco-tourism to gulf and rural communities, you are sure to find an action to be enjoyed.

The summer in Vancouver is summery from moderate to hot, with temperature reaching into the 1970s.

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