Helicopter Hire Prices

Rental prices for helicopters

Hubschrauber-Transfer from Luton, Heathrow, Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Manchester, Stanstead, Birmingham, Redhill, Gatwick to London Battersea Heliport. An Operations Team member will contact you soon with a detailed quote. An Operations Team member will contact you soon with a detailed quote. Quickly dividing the range by the mean en-route airspeed to give an estimate of the flying times to your target. If we are not able to directly arrive at the starting point and/or final point of arrival of your choice, we can usually find an alternate airfield within 10 minutes driving in.

Days/nights for the proposed journey; This determines whether the journey you intend to make can be completed within a pilot's working life and whether there may be airport or aerodrome renewal charges. A few airfields are only daytime and some locations are both daytime and nocturnal, but the overnight flying may necessitate a certain nighttime flare.

Finally, the more precise the information you can give, the more precise your offer will be. We have several locations around the London area that we touch down on a regular basis, but there is only Battersea Heliport in Central London. Have fun flying!

Classical Manhattan Helicopter Tour

The Classic Manhattan Tour begins at the Statue of Liberty, followed by the world-famous Manhattan Skyline, which starts from the Downtown Manhattan helicopter port. This is a best seller for those who have little in the way of timing and a good investment. There is an extra helicopter charge of $40 per capita as prescribed by Downtown Manhattan Heyport.

A $50 per person charge will apply for cancellation made 24-48hrs prior to the planned sailing hour. Cancellation within 24 hrs before the planned sailing date and non-appearance will result in 100% of the travel costs. Bookings at the helipad lose their right of withdrawal after receipt of full pay.

If you are a 250 pound or heavier person, you may be charged an extra fee. Planned durations may differ depending on route and meteorological condition. Price is without prior announcement reserved. Executive Board has the right to deny embarkation to a traveller or to update the information at any moment.

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