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The majority of people who opt for Charter Spectrum cable TV, Internet and telephone connection do not have any technical expertise related to the equipment installation and maintenance process. There is a unique telephone number for each office location. You don't want to be tied up, Spectrum will free you. Besides, he had my phone number and couldn't call me anymore. So far I understand that you can port your current number, but you can't take your phone.

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The Spectrum news is devoted to the provision of locally relevant information and messages. Spectrum Newsmap. Submit your media release and message tip with your name, telephone number and email address to the Assignment Desk. Submit your neighbourhood calendars with a telephone number for your on-screen viewing. In order to submit your diary to us, please complete our onlineform.

Fill out this contact sheet so that your contribution can be posted on-line. If you have any queries about our calendars, please contact: nccalendar@charter.com. Please note: For on-air viewing, you must register your meeting at least four (4) week in advanced. If you would like to hire a Spectrum News agent to moderate your meeting, please fill out this from.

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You can also use our Contacts page to talk to us, e-mail us or set a comfortable recall number. Often chatting is the fastest way to get an answer. Each office location has a unique telephone number. In order to call us by phone, visit our Contacts page, find your office and your location number under "More Information".

On our contact page you can also talk to us, send us an e-mail or arrange a suitable time for a callback. Often chatting is the fastest way to get an answer.

Spectrum Charter launches mobile service today -

a new, contract-free wireless services for Spectrum's current subscribers, which offers two streamlined schemes, among them a pay-per-gigabyte scheme that allows subscribers to make and receive indefinite calls, text and 1 GB of information for $14 per month. 1.5 billion of revenue will be generated from the new subscription. Spectrum's payment per sigin is $2 ($14) more than Comcast's payment per sigin tariff ($12), and the site and schedules are similar to Comcast's XFINITYobile.

The Spectrum Mobile also currently does not allow consumers to take their own equipment with them - consumers have to buy new equipment at the Spectrum Retail outlet, which now sells only five Android handsets from Samsung (Galaxy S8, S8+, as well as LG (K30)). Telephones can be bought in advance or for 24 monthly periods at 0% interest at rates of $7. 50 per monthly for the LG telephone can be funded up to $35.

There is a dedicated trade-in programme available to lower the costs of investment in a new telephone. The Spectrum range will accept most Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and LG mobile handsets that comply with trade-in specifications. Clients can create two schedules on the basis of expected usage. Consumers who usually use 3 GB or more per months should register for the perpetual plan:

"Unrestricted" dates: With 20 GB per months use, speed can be reduced for the remainder of the accounting lifecycle. Consumers can change a line from unlimited to by the gig at the end of their accounting lifecycle for a fee of $14/GB. Consumers can change a line from By the Gig to Unlimited at any point during the accounting lifecycle to ensure they don't spend more than $45 per months on a schedule.

The original range of Spectrum phones is extremly small. A number of small printed requirements apply when changing to Spectrum Mobile: Spectrum's new web subscribers with less than 30 day maintenance are restricted to up to two wires. Equipment connected to these wires will be delivered to the specified web site location.

Spectrum's 30-day web services can entitle clients to more connections, up to a combined five, depending on their financial standing. For the use of your telephone as a portable hot spot there are no extra charges. Following 5 GB of wireless hot spot billing lifecycle information, the speed of wireless hotspots is lowered to a 600 mbps or less for the remainder of the billing lifecycle.

Your 20 GB high-speed addition includes wireless hot spot information. Spectrum Wi-Fi rates are capped at 5 Mbps and an extra $20 per line per month will be charged if a private Spectrum Wi-Fi account unsubscription is not retained. It is possible to modify your tariff schedule, but you cannot insert extra routes.

Currently, Spectrum Mobile is not part of your Spectrum Services Bundles, so no bundled rebates are available. Specttrum will not reimburse you for any prepayment penalties you may incur if you terminate the agreement with your old provider and have a maintenance agreement.

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