Travel from Airport to Hotel

Arrival from the airport to the hotel

Travelling to your hotel from one of the local airports is easy with airport shuttles, taxi services or public transport. Here you can find out the best airport transfers in Delhi. Flughafen Shuttle Service Travelling to your hotel from one of the nearby airport is simple with airport shuttle buses, taxis or mass transit. O'Hare is one of the biggest and most congested airport in the entire word and is situated about 17 nautical miles away from Chicago city centre. The Midway lnternational Airport (MDW) is 10 nautical miles away from Chicago city centre and offers mainly inland connections, with restricted cross-border connections from North and Latin States.

You can find information on both aerodromes at McCormick Place is signposted on this page. GO Airport Express provides joint shuttle bus operations from both cities to all Downtown/Suburban and McCormick Place locations. There is a cab shuttle available to the city centre and outskirts of both cities. Prices are from $40-50 from O'Hare and $30-40 from Midway.

Prices depend on travel times and are liable to be changed. Marked collection areas are all on the lower floor (outside the baggage claim area) at O'Hare Airport and on the lower floor of all Midway Airport terminal buildings. There are also car-sharing facilities at both aerodromes. Passengers using a ride-sharing bus to one of the airport may only be removed and collected in the areas reserved for ride-sharing operations.

O'Hare Rideshares: Carpool: carpooling: Local transport is available from and to both Chicago Transit Authority and Metra airport terminals. Each system has handover points along its route. RTA Chicago Rail Connections Map (PDF) clearly shows where and how the CTA and Metra rail links meet. CTA offers "L-train" and coach connections to and from both aerodromes.

O'Hare International Airport is served by Blue Line 24-hour Blue Line and Midway International Airport Orange Line services. The Cermack McCormick Place Station is on the Green Line, which is connected to both the blue and orange line and is situated two block miles north of the West Building of McCormick Place.

O'Hare Airport Blue Line: Blue Line is situated in the lower part of the multi-storey car park. At the airport, please obey the sign "Trains to City". Orange Line Midway Airport: Orange Line is situated in the Midway Transportation Center just off the airport terminus and is linked to the airport by a closed sidewalk.

At the airport, please obey the airport signposts marked "CTA Trains" or "Trains to City". "There' s an orange line on the floor leading you to the wards. At Roosevelt railway yard, the green line joins the green line with the yellow line. The Metra is an electrical suburban train that serves remote Chicago area towns.

The McCormick Place is on the Metra Electric (ME) District Line, which serves the southern end of the town and is not connected to the airport or any other Metra line. You will find the center at the Grand Concourse of McCormick Place in the Southern Building. From the Metra there are transfers to the CTA train lines that take a short walk between the train stops that take you from the airport to McCormick Place.

O'Hare information: From your airport terminus, take an airport shuttles to Kiss'n' fly central railway stations, then take a shuttles to Metra O'Hare Transfers stations to catch the North Central Service (NCS) from Metra to the city centre and to a CTA railway stop. The Midway information: Travellers arriving from Midway International Airport should take the CTA's Orange Line into the city centre and change to the Metra Electric (ME) District Line, following the " trails to City " sign.

Passengers with specific access needs will find that the airport, the town and McCormick Place offer a wide range of transport information and amenities to ensure a pleasant and trouble-free experience. You can find information on barrier-free access on your hotel's website.

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