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Application for a permit to use a mountain cab We require a fee from cabis (black taxis) before they can be used as functioning cabins. Unless you are an authorised cabbie, you must show that you are a suitable individual to become a licensee for one or more of your taxi services. Vehicles must fulfil the following requirements in order to obtain a licence: Vehicles must comply with the construction standard specified in our gym documents. See "Taxi - Fitnessbedingungen", which can be found on our Legislation and Guidelines page. A taximeter must be provided for all cabs.

It is necessary to make a reservation in order to have your car checked. The following originals are required as they must be presented for examination when your car is taken over: Approvals for vehicles are granted for a 12-month term. When you need to retest your car, you can do so within 28 working day free of charge at one of our centers.

When you are willing to reserve your cab for an overhaul, you can: Please call the above number if the cab does not pass the initial service and re-test and you would like a full reimbursement of the license charge. In order to meet the ambient ambient air standard, all cabs must be within a certain minimum acceptable lifetime.

Nevertheless, a restricted number of derogations are possible allowing certain types of vehicle to be authorised for an extra time.

Driving licenses for taxi or personal rental vehicles: Within London

London taxes and PHVs must be checked and approved by Transport for London (TfL). In order to obtain your driver's license, your cab must be checked by the TÜV. They must fulfil the approval requirements for your car laid down by the German Traffic Licensing Authority (TfL). To use a car for personal rental, you must have it licenced by TSF.

The TfL must inspect your car.

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