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You can maximize the value of multi-stop trips. I' m planning an international flight around the world, read more. Many routes are available to travel around the world by air. We' ve tailor-made your RTW tour. Just send us your travel plan and we will contact you with the best travel solution.

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Travels around the world have many designations - RTW travels, long distance travels, backpack travels, sabbaticals, breaks in careers - all used to describe a kind of travels that are more than just a one or two weeks holiday. Travelling around the world does not have to be taken verbatim. It is not necessary to go around the world to participate in this kind of trip, it is about taking a rest from your home lifestyle to find out more about the world and yourself.

This world would be a much better place if everyone on the world could make long-term journeys.

The TPG Reader Destinations: Book an Around-the-World Award

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This is how you book and schedule a world trip with Qantas Points

Are you looking for one of the best ways to use your stack of Qantas points? Book a sumptuous trip around the world in London for only 2,000 Qantas Points more than a trip back to London. Do you want to make it luxurious in first grade? Yes, less points for a more thrilling trip!

Whatever you decide to go, here is what you need to know to turn your hard-earned Qantas points into the world journey of your life. First, every carrier you include in your reservation must be a member of the one-world carrier so that you cannot work on non-one-world carrier routes such as Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, China Eastern, Fiji Airways and others.

This means, dass Sie mit Qantas, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM (früher LAN und TAM), Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines and SriLankan Airlines kannen fliegen. Actually, your Oneworld Classic award must contain two carriers other than Qantas: so you can't just take Qantas from Australia to London, take an AA or BA plane to New York, and then take Qantas home from New York.

Of course, you are not required to book Qantas tickets - all you have to do is book with at least two Oneworld carriers other than Qantas as part of your trip. Qantas Points for travelling around the world: How far can you go? Altogether, your circumnavigation can be up to 35,000 mile long, from the moment of your first plane trip until your arrival at the same place.

These include both the length of the flight you are performing and any flight you are not performing because you have organized other transports known as "surface sectors". If, for example, you fly to London, take a Paris flight with a special reservation and then fly on from Paris as part of a circumnavigation of the world with the "London to Paris" reservation pens as the superficial section, and the distances between these two towns are taken into account in the calculation of your journey time.

One other thing to keep in mind is where you start your journey in one town ( like Sydney) but finish it in another town ( like Melbourne) because the first and last town distances are also added to your count - which must be 35,000 or lessiles.

During your journey you can schedule a total of five "stopovers", i.e. you stay 24 or longer in one place: whether you are travelling for a few Days, a few Week or longer. It also seems that the system allows up to two "transits" without affecting circumstance prices, as you stay less than 24 hrs on the floor, regardless of whether you are leaving the terminal or not: useful when traveling to various locations near large hub airlines that are otherwise not operated with one-way services, or when the unavailability of awards requires a link.

Given all the travel regulations, stops overs, transit and the two airline companies other than Qantas, here is an example route that contains all the check box for a traveler who plans to travel to Asia, Europe and North America on a one trip: It keeps things easy without scheduled "transits", which keeps them free when calls are needed to bypass the availabilities of free flier awards.

In total, this trip is 25,811 mph - well within the 35,000 mile hurdle - and offers ample room for additional transits or the addition of Africa or Central and South America instead of other towns without breaking the bound. The Oneworld Classic Flight Award spreadsheet from Qantas shows a number of numbers for trips of different length, while the Oneworld Classic Flight Award spreadsheet shows the numbers at the bottom of the spreadsheet for 19,201-35,000 mile trips around the world.

You would receive 420,000 Qantas points for a first class fare, 280,000 Qantas points for a full fare reservation, 210,000 Qantas points for a full fare trip and 140,000 Qantas points for an economic trip. So if you mainly book your seat in BusiClass, but instead take a plane in First Class, the choice of this plane will reduce your total reservation from BusiClass to First-Class and will cost you 420,000 Qantas Points instead of 280,000 Qantas Points.

And at this point, you might as well go back and book your whole trip in first grade, because you would part with 420,000 Qantas points - but if you want to keep things in your businessclass, you would instead get the default price of 280,000 Qantas points. Just as with any reservation with FFPs, there is no assurance that you only have enough points on your bankroll to book a particular trip or trip with a particular carrier.

As always, whether or not you can book every ticket will depend on the premium being available. Given that most carriers have a tendency to approve rewards for reservations about 10-11 month before your trip, you should consider these reservations if you can to maximize your chance of getting the desired one.

Sure, you're in luck and can book a number of eligible departures much nearer, but if you're traveling with more than one airline and flight, your advance scheduling will keep your choices open and give you plenty of free space to create a schedule B (and schedule C, or schedule D...) if necessary.

However, as a travel agent you should reckon on paying at least $800 on the side: more if you're taking a UK trip due to the country's APD fees; and even more if you're traveling on Qantas or BA as the supplements on both carriers are among the highest.

Now that you can browse and book award travel with all Oneworld airline partners on the Qantas website, these fares can be backed up on-line without you having to call. Start by click on "Multi-City" on the Qantas homepage - not "around the world", which only applies to reservations around the world that were made entirely with cash, not points.

Your first move on the next monitor should be to choose "Use Points - Classic Air Awards Only" above: Continue to click on the "Add flight" link until your complete trip is completed. Choose below the number of requested passenger and the type of aircraft you wish to travel, then click on "Search flights".

We will be flying our exemplary route in our busines class: The system allows you to review the data you have provided before you begin selecting your preferred destinations. Before proceeding, make sure that the data you have provided and the destinations you have selected are the same. Then it' s about selecting the most suitable airline for each part of your trip.

Qantas to fly from Sydney to Brisbane in Businessclass, and then from Brisbane to Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific Businessclass: and so on until all the flight data is in. At the bottom of the window you will see a change during the process: the number of points you need for your reservation, but in these early phases the number displayed does not take into consideration your entire trip and can certainly be ignored.

Finally, if you see 280,000 points in this section, you are on the right track - but if the number stays above it once all your flight entries have been made, it is a signal that you have breached one of the most important precepts of these reservations, e.g. too many stops or transit.

But don't miss the gimmick we used on our very first trip - scroll down the page to see connections that unveiled a Qantas London to Melbourne trip with another Qantas London to Sydney flight: Since every trip is in BusiClass, this fare will cost the anticipated 280,000 Qantas points, and once these trips are all chosen, you will be able to look back at them all and the data you chose to make sure they are accurate before proceeding with the checkout and completing your reservations.

To find for example flight and data that work to bring you from Sydney to Hong Kong, just look for a simple classic flight award from Sydney to Hong Kong - note which flight is available on the desired date and launch a new simple look for Hong Kong to Tokyo etc.

Review the procedure until you have found appropriate award tickets for each part of your trip, and then go to the Multi-City page to complete and recharge your mega-booking after completing your research and know which tickets will be available when you need to go.

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