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Taxis in Budapest are identified by the words "Taxi", often followed by a corporate name / logotype such as "City Taxi". Taxis must have a distinctive flashing sign, as compared to the background on normal license numbers. Taximeters are all fitted with a voucher print feature that displays the calculated tariffs and identifies the taxi drivers.

There are 3 parts to the fare: Usually you tip the chauffeur about 10% of the full ticket price if you are happy with the services. Larger taxi operators are offering lower fares than the above. The majority of them have an English phone company, and you can ask them to provide a chauffeur who at least simply talks English.

It' s a good idea to note down the phone numbers of some major taxi operators in Budapest and then call them, because a taxi ordered by phone is cheaper than one called on the road. It' s better to ask your own cocierge to call or order a taxi for you from a reputable firm.

Taxi F? provides firm fares between the Budapest International Taxi Terminal and various parts of Budapest. Four Budapest areas each have their own transportation price to/from the Budapest International Airports. They are spacious, air-conditioned, smoke-free automobiles; the employees are fluent in English.

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