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A propane tank exchange with free delivery for private and business customers in the DC, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and Atlanta metro areas. Panzertaxi, Washington, District of Columbia. The propane tank exchange delivery in DC / MD / VA / PA / WV. Tanktaxi and shooting at Prague.

Where is the distinction between an exchange tank and a replacement tank?

Here are some of the most frequently asked queries about our fuel tank, supplies, fees and procedures. Where is the distinction between an swap tank and a replacement tank? A swap container is the notion we use when you give us your empty container in return for a full one. There is a much lower cost for an exchanger tank because we take your empty tank with us.

That' s exactly what a REPLACE TANK is - a replacement tank that you buy without having to exchange an empty one for one. This is the cheapest stock we have in the area. Simply choose the text links for the replacement fuel tank on the order page. Which type of tank connection do you use?

We' re out of guy 2 fuel cells. What kind of connections do I have? Typ 1 valves are mounted to a tube from your barbecue with a large synthetic fitting that must be fully fastened to lock the valves in place and function correctly. Typ 2 connector is a spring-loaded joint; a metallic ring on the tank slips back to grip the tube and re-engages to provide a sealed joint.

We' re out of guy 2 fuel cells. What do you do to fill your tank? Our inspection and filling of all our fuel cells is carried out according to our demanding specification. How many shipping dates and hours do you have? The majority of orders are placed before 5pm on a single shipping date, but we ship from morning to evening. Our service starts our business early to bring you your tank as early as possible.

In order to prevent a missing shipment, you must bring out your tank before 7 a.m. on the replacement date. Can I get SAME DAY and NEXT DAY DELIVERY in my area? There are SAME DAY and NEXT DAY products available in many of our supply areas. By entering your postcode in our on-line order form, our website offers you the shipping option available for your region.

If you order on Tuesday at 9 p.m., for example, your order will be delivered the next Thursday. Orders for deliveries on the same date must be placed by 6 a.m. on that date. How come I can't see the SAMEDAY DELIVERY item on your website? For two possible reason, you may not see the SAME DAY Delviery on your monitor.

The same applies to orders placed before 6 a.m. on the relevant date. It may be that we cannot offer the same daily or next daily supply for some postal code and/or on certain dates. Must I be at home to get a shipment? Simply give us directions on where we can get your empty tank to help the supply engineer perform the replacement effectively.

There are no shipping slots available, so it is important that you can keep the tank in a safe and convenient place that our drivers can reach (just like with FedEx or UPS packages). Is it possible to make an appointment to see my supplier engineer for servicing?

In order to be able to offer a quick and cost-effective sevice, we do not plan dates or supply window. Reservoirs must be stored in an easily reachable location so that our trucker can carry out the supply as effectively as possible. Could you supply if my tank is not externally inaccessible? Unfortunately, there are some deliveries that we cannot take into account because our chauffeurs are not permitted to drive into a customer's home and we cannot keep a tank in it.

There are several possibilities and proposals for barrier-free parking spaces, and we sincerely hope that we can work them out together with you. Sorry, I forget to keep my tank outside. Unless the tank is skipped for replacement, we'll have to postpone a second date. Sometimes, if you want to get in touch with us before your order.

Your order will be postponed to the next available date. Orders cannot be cancelled if an attempt is made to make an original shipment. So why didn't the tech plug the tank into my barbecue? We can separate and join the tank for you if you wish. There is a cost because it requires more patience from the dispatcher and we need to make sure the link is secured and protected.

Simply insert this enquiry into your order by choosing "Connection Service" when adding the tank to your basket. Orders cancelled less than 24 h prior to the date of shipment will be charged. Are you responsible for the waste management of your tank? For a small $9.99 per tank we collect the tank and discard it.

Simply register and place a collection order and we will be on our way to remove this tank in a responsible manner. DO NEVER lay out a tank with your regular rubbish. Tank is open. The OPD tank control prevents the escape of gases unless the control is connected to the barbecue tube.

There is no possibility of the gases escaping from the tank, even if the valves remain open. However, always make sure that the poppet is in the off setting when you connect the tank. Don't ever try to fix your prop tank. Consult a petroleum jelly retailer for repairs or replacements. Always fix the tank in an erect standing posture on the rear bench base during transport.

Do not carry the tank in your front seats or boot. Make sure that the dance hatch is shut and the hatch is shut or covered. Hold the window open to allow air to enter if the tank is leaking. Keep your porpane containers outside, vertically and above the floor on a non-flammable surface.

Don't breathe a cigarette near your prop tank. Always inspect your tank for indentations, corrosion or leakage before you light your barbecue. Safety of barbecue and terrace heaters: Be sure to switch off the barbecue at the stove first and then the burner. Don't let kids gamble near the barbecue, heating or prop tank.

Use barbecue and terrace heating always outside in well vented areas. Be sure to use a leaking detector available from most LPG distributors to test all joints for leakage. Do not barbecue in a car park, refrigerator, port, veranda, or under any burning surfaces. Hold the barbecue cover open when the light is on. Inspect the barbecue tube periodically for tears, breakage and leakage.

Protect clamped tubing ends and burners with small protective pouches or mounting plugs when the grille is not in use. Ensure that the grille is locked and refrigerated before you cover it.

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